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Weekly Calculation - Markets

Dosto aap ko ek bat bata du matka me per week koi na koi calculation banti rahta hai. Dosto sayad aap ko pata hoga ki ye sab calculation kuch aasan jod(addition) or kuch ghatav(subtraction) ke calculation ke hisab se chalta hai.. ex. 02/11/2015we week me ye jodiya bani kalyan me 66 12 33 64 31 86 ye week is tarah se aaya sabse pahle din jodi aayi hai... 66 66 jodi ko joda jaye to 6+6=12 Abb dekho is total ka pahla ank 1 one hai jo ki agle din 1 one aaya open me deka dosto Abb isi ke Anusar agle din ki jodi 33 ko total karne par 3+3=6 agle din open 6 aaya dosto Isi Tarah close me bhi ye sechem se aap khel sakte ho Isi tarah ke Bahut sare trick aap logo ke pass aate rahenge
Some Fundamentals About Matka Result Satta Matka Team - The fundamental percentage of fun and best kalyanmatkatips that can improve the chances of winning while decreasing the shots of losing would be extremely useful in the Matka result. Especially, each player should welcome that he or she should not be in an undue struggle to get cash in the Satta Matka session. Satta Matka Team - Thinking about recreations and also interested players is crucial for the player in the matka session. One of the most ideal ways would be to turn to an online, educational website that would give the best kalyanmatkatips on the number of luck riddles in the game of Satta Matka result. It would help the player make an educated decision about the best way to go for the online gambling Satta Matka game. To play the best gambling game, you need the tips and here are some helpful PlayBazzar to play the game: Play Bazzar format is very simple, that's why it's popular. You have to choose three numbers from 0 to 9. Now add the three numbers you choose. Now choose the last digit of the resulting number.
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